2017—Fascination With Corks

After many years, Bobo, my Red-lored Amazon, has suddenly decided that the giant bowl of wine corks I have on the counter behind her cage is her toy box.  For the past five or six days, at some point every day, she walks up and inspects the bowl, selects a cork, plucks it out of the bowl, and tosses it so that it hits the floor, bounces, and rolls around.  She watches carefully as each cork hits the deck, peering over the edge of the countertop.  It looks to me as if she is assessing how she well did.  Then she repeats this activity until about half the corks are out of the bowl.  If  I  pick them up and return them to the bowl while she is still at her task, out they come again.  She indiscriminately picks and tosses corks but, the cork she selected in the second photograph happens to be from one of my favorites, Ghost Pines Zin.  But, since the bowl resides on my countertop and since the majority of corks in the bowl are from wines I’ve drunk, it stands to reason that most of the corks are from one favorite or another.

I had my D500 set up with the 300mm lens and 1.4x teleconverter because I was hoping to get some bird photographs in the yard.  So that camera was at hand when Bobo began to toss corks Sunday afternoon.  I was about 6 feet away from her to get these closeups.

Bobo peering 2.jpg


Bobo cork


Bobo looking down

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