2017—On The Beach

The Oregon coast features dramatic surf and dramatic skies and the rocky spires known as Sea Stacks that jut above the water add even more drama to Oregon seascapes.  Moving just a couple of feet toward the surf or away from the surf or just a bit to the right or the left and zooming in or out with the lens can make a huge difference in the emotional impact of a photograph.  I took these photographs just a couple of minutes apart with my 14-24 mm wide angle lens. By including more of the foreground in the first shot and with a slightly longer focal length, the scene seems to invite the viewer in.  By contrast, the second shot, with a similar sky and reflection but without as many rocks in the foreground and using a slightly shorter focal length, has a distant, isolated, lonely feel despite the vibrant colors of the sky and the reflections.   I like  both of these photographs but they evoke very different emotions in me.

On The Beach


OR Day 4 177058-1