2017—Sunrise At Sunset

Sunset Bay north of Bandon, Oregon is serene and beautiful with tree-topped sea cliffs.  We were there just after sunrise in time to capture some of the golden reflections of the rising sun behind us on the clouds, the water, and the sand.  I used my Nikon D500 and my 10.5mm Fisheye lens to photograph this scene.  I learned that if you center the horizon line in the viewfinder,  the characteristic exaggerated  curvature of the fisheye is mitigated and there no longer is such a dramatic distortion.  Sometimes the fisheye distortion works well in a photograph but in this case, I think the more normal wide-angle view is more appealing.  My biggest challenge with this shot was keeping the other photographers out of my photograph.  The 10.5mm is such a wide angle lens that unless I stepped forward if anyone was beside me, that person would appear in the edge of the photograph.

Sunrise At Sunset 2.jpg

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