2017—After The Storm

Oregon’s tempestuous weather was on display while we visited the gorgeous Oregon coast.  We had light rain, moderate rain, and heavy rain at various times during our stay. Both we and our camera gear were drenched more than once as we tried to photograph this most stunning aspect of Oregon’s topography.  On our last full day, we visited Bandon Beach, across the Coquille River and down the beach from the South Jetty in the early morning and in the late in the afternoon.  We monitored the morning squall on an iPhone radar app and timed our departure from the beach perfectly.  The torrents of rain hit just as we all entered the van to put away our cameras before heading off to breakfast.  Despite earlier predictions of rains lasting throughout Sunday, the late afternoon was rain free.  But the clouds were spectacular, providing us with these gorgeous skies.

Kronenberg County Park Bandon, OR.jpg


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