2017—Coquille River Lighthouse

Oregon’s coast is stunning.  Its rugged beauty captures the imagination and the photographic possibilities here are seemingly endless.  On Saturday, we visited one of Bandon, Oregon’s feature attractions, the Coquille River Lighthouse that was built in 1896 and decommissioned in 1939.  That year, the Coast Guard built an automated beacon with a foghorn at the end of the south jetty across from the lighthouse and the lighthouse was abandoned.  Now, the forlorn sound of a foghorn temporarily drowns the crashing of the waves at designated intervals and the automated beacon continues as an aid to navigation in the area.

The lighthouse will appear several times in photographs in my blog in the coming days but on Saturday, I learned how to create a time-lapse movie.  Unlike laborious time lapses that I have tried in the past, this feature allows me to take a number of photographs over a set period of time and the camera creates a time-lapse movie from those photographs, including adjusting the exposure as the light changes.  This brief video (21 seconds) was created over an hour and a half as the sun set and the clouds moved past the lighthouse.  A few birds fly in and out of the frame and there is a bit of wave action at the base of the lighthouse near the end of the video as more clouds move behind it.  Click the arrow to play.

3 thoughts on “2017—Coquille River Lighthouse

  1. What a fabulous scene! I love lighthouses! I really like the composition and light in your time lapse! How cool to be able to do that in camera!

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