2017—Ghost Of Halloween Past

When I took this photograph at a roadside cemetery in Vermont, I visualized a ghost draped in rags and chains, sort of like Dickens’ ghost of Christmas past, roaming among the gloomy, mist shrouded headstones. I thought it would make a perfect post for Halloween. The trouble was, I took the shot on a clear, sunny morning. There was no mist and of course no ghost. To create this image I first changed it to black and white and darkened it to simulate night.  Then I added several layers of mist from photographs I’d taken at Echo Lake the day before, leaving some of the misty spots brighter to indicate an otherworldly presence near some of the tombstones.  I don’t have many photographs of people that would have worked in this scenario and certainly none in rags and chains.  I did, however, have a photograph of a person I took at this year’s California Foundation for Birds of Prey open house that had the exact posture I was seeking.  I decided the rags and chains weren’t necessary.  The ghost-like presence looks like a lost soul wandering aimlessly so I think it works.

Enjoy a ghoulish Halloween!

Ghost of Halloween Past.jpg

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