2017—Green-eyed Lady, Lovely Lady

My purple salvia plants continue to attract birds and bees and Monday afternoon, even a female Cabbage White (pieris rapae).  I seem to be in a rut with fifty-year old top-ten hits coming to mind when I take a photograph of bugs, no less.  Yesterday’s was the Beatles, today’s, Sugarloaf’s Green-Eyed Lady which immediately came to my mind when I looked through the viewfinder to see the alien-looking green eyeball of this small white butterfly.  I double-checked and discovered that the Cabbage White female has yellowish underwings with black speckles just like in this photograph so the title of the blog fits…well, maybe not the ‘lovely lady” part.

Camera: D500
Lens: 105 mm (micro)
ISO: 100
Aperture: 9
Shutter: 1/640
Exp. Comp.: -0.7

Green-eyed Lady.jpg

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