2017—What’s In A Name?

The Chestnut-mandibled Toucan is now called the Black-mandibled Toucan.  While its body feathers are black, the rest of this bird is anything but black, with a  bi-colored beak of chestnut and gold; a yellow throat; a green eye ring; a few red tail feathers; and blue feet.  I’m hard pressed to figure out how the bird was renamed the Black-mandibled Toucan.  The thing is, the bill really is chestnut-colored not black.  And the throat really is yellow, so I could go with its alternate name of Yellow-throated Toucan or  maybe it could be the Blue-footed Toucan, or even the Green-eyed Toucan but the Black-mandibled Toucan?  I think not.

Whatever its called, though, the toucan with the suspect name  is really very adept at using its huge, unwieldy-looking chestnut-colored beak to feed itself.  In this series of shots, the toucan first plucks a fruit from the Cecropia Tree, flips the fruit down its craw, and swallows.

Black Mandibled Toucan.jpg

Chestnut Mandibled Toucan 1



Chestnut Mandible Toucan 2Chestnut mandibled Toucan 3


Chestnut mandibled toucan 4

2 thoughts on “2017—What’s In A Name?

  1. What a fabulous series! The upside down shot, the toss, the tongue- amazing captures! Plus- he is just gorgeous, whatever his name is!

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