2017—Mr. Wonderful

We dubbed him Mr. Wonderful.  This Magnificent Hummingbird is indeed quite magnificent and he proved to be a wonderful photographic subject for us.  His iridescent blue-green gorget and purple crown are striking but what is most noticeable about him is his size.  The Magnificent Hummingbird is the second largest hummingbird in the US at almost 5 1/2 inches.  The other hummingbirds we saw in Madera Canyon were only 3 1/2 to 4 inches.  The buzz of this monster hummer’s wings is deep and resonant and we knew without a doubt when he flew over our heads that it was Mr. Wonderful.

I managed to get only a couple of clear flight shots of him but one afternoon he spent a long time perched in a tree by the parking lot, allowing all of us to approach with our long lenses and flash stands.

Mr. Wonderful perched
Mr. Wonderful