2017—Beep Beep Beep Beep

Melinda’s roadrunner seems to enjoy her patio.  He spent about ten minutes with us on my last morning in Prescott while we were outside on the patio.   We watched this guy catch and thrash a lizard to death on a rock, return to the fountain to drink, take a sun bath, and rush to and fro across the rocks in search of another lizard to murder.  He did all this while we were within 6 to 8 feet of him depending on where he was roaming at the time.  He was not bothered by our camera clicks and while we stayed fairly still, he didn’t seem to mind when we moved slightly or talked.  This was a surprise to Melinda and me because I took the previous roadrunner photo that I posted here  through the sliding glass door never dreaming we’d be able to get this close outside.

Roadrunner 2.jpg