2017—Happy New Year!

It wouldn’t be a New Year’s Day post on this blog without a photograph of a hummingbird.   I took this shot late morning on New Year’s Eve.  This may or may not be Homer.  What I discovered on New Year’s Eve is that there are three hummingbirds in my backyard and two are males.  There was a bit of a dispute over use of the fountain but all three birds seemed united to get me out of the yard.  While I stood in the middle of the patio with my camera aimed at the hummer over the top of a rose tree, I didn’t notice that leaves from said rose tree encroached on the bottom of the shots while I focused on his head.  My failure to notice the interference resulted in  a green fuzziness at the bottom of the  hummer’s body.   Although I tried, I  couldn’t get a similar photograph  but since the bird’s posture in this shot is one I continually seek, I decided to use it.   On the bright side, it was another gray, gloomy day so my blue Weber barbecue added a cheerful  blue to the background.





One thought on “2017—Happy New Year!

  1. Lovely- even with the green trail- which gives it kind of a whooooosh! The hummer is the perfect way to start your year, since hummingbirds are pretty much your blog mascot (sorry, Bobo!), I have loved seeing your bird photography evolve- so professional now! Pretty amazing!

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