2017—Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

My fountain continues to attract all kinds of birds.  I haven’t seen a Ruby-crowned Kinglet here in years so I was glad to see him while I was waiting for the hummers to go to the feeders.  These birds are as small as the Anna’s hummingbird.  While I watched him preening in the shrubs after his bath, I could have easily mistaken him for a hummer.  He was wary of me, seated so close and each time I triggered the shutter release he would jump to the shrubs.  And, no, I didn’t lift my finger off the trigger startling him.  It was the flash that made him jump.  😊  I’d trigger the shutter twice and the first shot had a bird and the second shot did not have a bird.  But, each time he would immediately return to the fountain so we did it all again.