2016—December Bathing Bushies

When I noticed the bushtits gathering on top of the fountain for an icy bath, I walked outside and slowly approached them and they all flew into the shrubs.  I could tell they weren’t finished with their bath because they clung to the surrounding foliage and watched me instead of flying off.  I sat down on a chair close to the fountain and one by one, they returned.  I leaned forward and tried to get the camera on an even plane with the fountain but managed to cant the camera so I ended up with photographs that required leveling in post processing.  I think I enjoy the antics of the bushtits as much as the antics of the hummingbirds.  The males always look so adorable with their black eyes and innocent looks.  The females, with the yellow eyes have a perpetual angry bird look.  But to see them pile together onto the fountain and bathe with such enthusiasm is a real joy for me to see.  It is something I never tire of watching.

bathing bushies 3.jpgbathing-bushies-2bathing-bushies-41bathing-bushies-1

2 thoughts on “2016—December Bathing Bushies

  1. Adorable! Appreciating the small joys in life. Great way to start 2017. Happy New year to you, Carol. Love, Peggy

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