2016—Colorful Backdrop

While the Eastern US is suffering from unseasonal cold and stormy weather, the West Coast is basking under balmy skies. While I was out running errands Monday afternoon, the thermometer in my car registered 77°, at least 15° above normal.  I’ve been traveling so much in recent weeks that I haven’t noticed that Spring seems to have arrived more than a month early here.  The fruit trees are in bloom and my garden’s earliest bloomer, the purple hardenbergia vine which is slowly recovering from being whacked down to nothing last year when I had my fence replaced, is in glorious full bloom although it remains a clump and has not yet climbed back onto the fence.  I went out with my macro lens to take some late afternoon shots of it and noticed a tiny spider waiting for dinner to arrive in its web.  This spider, legs and all, barely measures 1/4 inch.  The hardenbergia makes a colorful backdrop for the spider and its web.spring spider-6673

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