2016—Portrait Of A Macaw

The skin surrounding a macaw’s eyes and beak is devoid of feathers and it is normally white but when a macaw is stressed or excited, that skin turns pink.   I don’t know if this scarlet macaw was stressed or excited.  I had been photographing macaws eating royal palm nuts along Shady Lane and none of the birds that I saw had pink skin except this one.  I hope it wasn’t stress but it may have been as the bird is looking back at me inquisitively (oops, I guess that’s an anthropomorphic term).   This is from the last series of shots I took on our last visit to Shady Lane. I thought it made a nice portrait, but it’s too bad that the area to the right of the bird is blown out.  I guess I didn’t notice the sun shining through there.

Costa Rica Day 5-4272.jpg

2 thoughts on “2016—Portrait Of A Macaw

  1. Gorgeous portrail- wow! Love the bokeh trailing down too in the background. You can edit out the part you don’t like. This is a wonderful shot!

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