2015—Costa Rica—Journey For Life

On our last visit to the beach near the lagoon, Gary rescued a just hatched sea turtle that had been trapped in its nest when another baby turtle succumbed and blocked its passage out. We had been seeing egg shells and lots of baby turtle tracks heading to the water on our previous visits and Gary followed the newest set of tracks back to the nest to see if any needed rescuing. Green sea turtles hatch at night and immediately make their treacherous journey to the water because the cover of darkness helps them avoid predators lurking everywhere. I guess it could be said that we interfered with Mother Nature with the rescue of this turtle which would have died soon without us, but it made us feel wonderful to give this little guy a chance. In the first shot, the turtle’s egg tooth, with which he breaks out of his shell, is clearly visible. Gary was careful to make sure the turtle had the strength to swim once it made it to the water so he let the turtle struggle through the sand for a few minutes, then picked it up and moved it back a few feet. That was all it took. The little guy was noticeably stronger and within a couple of minutes, he crossed the sand and disappeared into the sea, after a well documented journey for life.

Costa Rica 2015-023-423

Costa Rica 2015-023-489

Costa Rica 2015-023-370

Costa Rica 2015-023-835

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