2015—Pearls of Wisdom

My pearls of wisdom for today are 1) never try to retake a good shot with the intention of improving on it because it will never happen and 2) never use round chocolate as a photographic subject if you hope to eat it afterward.

These really ARE pearls. They just didn’t come from the sea. They are Godiva Dark Chocolate Pearls something I picked up at Kohl’s the other day while I waited in line with everyone who had post Christmas purchases and returns. Retailers are always smart to have seductive chocolate temptations at or near the checkout line. Works with me, every time.

I thought this would make an interesting subject and I thought I got the shot I wanted after taking just a few. It was only when I realized that there were distracting shadows through the reflections that I tried to retake the shot by changing the direction of the lighting. That’s when everything went to pieces. A slight jarring and the little pea-sized pearls rolled every which way, off the glass, and onto the floor. Many subsequent attempts at improving my early shots went awry so I settled on one of the first shots I took. And, sadly, the little dark chocolate gems were inedible after so many trips to the floor.

Focal Length 105mm; ISO 100; f/36; 2.5seconds


3 thoughts on “2015—Pearls of Wisdom

  1. Putting your glass base into a rimmed baking dish could have prevented this tragedy… White paper underneath, or how about smooth foil, rumpled foil, colored paper of colored foil for different looks..

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