2014—Torrents, Floods, Lightening, and Rainbows

Wow. We needed rain. We got rain——torrents of rain. As I write this, 5PM Wednesday, the National Weather Service is issuing a local flash flood warning via the Emergency Alert System.

I awoke this morning with the cold my recent traveling companions suffered in Paris. I cancelled several scheduled appointments but by mid afternoon I was feeling a bit better with the help of some DayQuil and some “sign to prove you’re not Walter White” Sudafed, so I did venture out to see my accountant to take care of a long-delayed tax matter. On the way home, the skies opened up, lightening flashed and thunder crashed around me, and the roads, gutters already filled with fallen leaves, quickly flooded. I took quite a few detours to avoid the flooded streets on the way home. The skies cleared suddenly and briefly in the west to produce a rainbow. I pulled over and took a photograph through the rain spattered car window. The rainbow was still brilliant when I arrived home, and with no possible detours at the last turn, I had to drive through the flooded connector street to get to my house. I took the second shot in my backyard.



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