2014—Merry Xmas To Me!

When the battery on my Skil cordless drill/driver stopped recharging, I discovered that a replacement battery would cost half again as much as I paid for it. It was a super deal at a new Lowe’s twelve years ago and cost me $24.50, plus tax. The cheapest replacement battery, which I could find only on-line, was $32 plus tax and shipping. A no-brainer, then, was this brand new Ryobi I found at Home Depot for $49. I need one of these to attach the hanging hardware to the frames which house my photos. I have damaged too many frames trying to use a screwdriver, even a ratcheting one, and when I finally realized my cordless drill driver would do the job, I have come to rely on it. I’ve been without it for more than a month and the time has come to do some framing, so, Merry Xmas to me!