2014—Sparkling Glass Addendum

I experienced some sort of digital malfunction when I created today’s post and for anyone who views my blog only via e-mail and doesn’t visit the site directly, the last photo was corrupt and did not show up in the post. I replaced it with an uncorrupt copy on In Focus Daily. If you missed the third shot, here it is looking much like the others, only with some bokeh.


2014—Sparkling Glass

Friday’s theme in my Flickr daily challenge group was ‘glass.’ This French canning jar (made in China, I’m certain) was setting on my kitchen counter and I thought it would work for the challenge. The first shots were a bit lackluster even after I changed it to black and white. Because I didn’t add any artificial light and had only some window light from an overcast sky, I decided to add Xmas lights for a little sparkle. I took one shot using a very small aperture to get the starburst effect and one shot with the lens wide open for more of a bokeh effect. You be the judge. Here are all three.