2014—Our Hearts Are Very Old Friends

When my friend Susan, who has been one of my best friends since the seventh grade, sends me a gift I always rip it open immediately when it arrives, whether it is the appropriate date to do so. I never can wait until my birthday or Christmas if a gift beckons me. I decided to be good this year (I know Santa is watching) and when the gift arrived, I set it on the mantle along with the pathetic few Xmas cards I received…and that pathetic number (fewer than six) includes the card from my paperboy, my accountant, and my investment guy. When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I ripped open the package to find a mug with the inscription “Our hearts are very old friends” over a drawing of a couple of goofy looking birds. It was time for a latte so I made myself one, poured the frothed milk into the new mug and tried to carefully pour in the espresso so that I could create a Christmas tree in the foam. While my latte skills have improved significantly, my foam art (if that’s what it’s called) leaves a lot to be desired. This is more of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree than what I hoped to create. And to make matters worse, as I futzed around to take the photo, the foam started to dissipate making the tree even more pathetic. But, Susan, the sentiment is there. Our hearts ARE very old friends. Thank you. The latte tasted great in my new mug!