2014—Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The hail was still on the ground when we awoke Thursday morning. Arthur, a fabulous cook——both my brothers, unlike me, are creative, talented cooks——decided to make a Dutch Baby for breakfast. A Dutch Baby is kind of like a giant popover, filled with butter, fruit, lemon and powdered sugar and it is delicious. Baking the Dutch Baby in the unfamiliar oven in his new Fifth Wheel trailer proved a bit frustrating and when the smoke alarm started to blare (well at least it works) it freaked Mady who retreated underneath the trailer next door. Of course both Arthur and Sue looked at me and it’s now no doubt that I seemed to have jinxed the trip. Despite a slightly charred bottom on the Dutch Baby, with its rum and cinnamon laced peach filling it made for a delightful and delicious breakfast to start the chilly day. Then, jinx that I am, it was no surprise that as I cut into the pancake for a bite, the fork broke.

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2 thoughts on “2014—Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. Dutch baby!!! I’ve always wanted to make them or at least eat one! Sunset magazine did a feature on them 30 years or so ago- I kept the recipe forever but never tried it. Ahhh the broken fork- that says it all!

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