2014—Delicious Mutsu

We drove up to Apple Hill on Saturday morning. The weekend crowds that would have normally descended on the apple farms for the fall harvest, crowding the narrow roads and farm stands, were light because of the cool weather and the lingering smoke from the King Fire. We discovered a new-to-us apple called a Mutsu which is absolutely delicious and which is a cross between a Golden Delicious and the Indo varieties grown in Japan. I brought home a bag.

I took the first shot at a farm stand that made apple pies with Golden Delicious apples. This box of Golden Delicious apples would soon be peeled and sliced for pie filling. I took a shot of the Mutsu apples after we returned home. I sliced these apples and served them for an afternoon snack after I finished taking pictures of them.

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2014—Impala SS

Impalas are known for their leaping ability and while touring Safari West, and we saw a small herd of them leap and cavort across a clearing as the sun broke through the overcast skies just before noon. I was able to capture a few of their leaps but none of the shots I captured show their signature 9 foot high leaps. Nevertheless, I was happy to get a few in acceptable focus as they ran by in groups of two and three.

Safari West-237

Safari West-240


The zebras at Safari West don’t always make an appearance so we were thrilled to see several groups of Damara zebra on our outing. The Damara zebras have faint gray or brown stripes on their flanks in addition to the black stripes with which we associate zebras. The first shot of the mother and baby zebra is not in crisp focus but I loved the photo so I included it.

Safari West-341

Safari West-318

Safari West-295

Safari West-277


The Santa Rosa High School 50th high school reunion, my class of ’64, was last weekend. What a fun event. More than a third of our graduating class of 378 students participated in the weekend long event that included a grad night, a tour of the high school, and a dinner. And, at the dinner, my table won the Beatles’ memorabilia quiz, so we each went home with a bottle of Zinfandel. Plus, I was the first one to blurt out the significance of the date, February 9th, 1964, the Beatles’ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, so I won another bottle of wine. So, do you think I might be a Beatles fan?

Here are a few of the photos I took at the tour of the high school and one cell phone shot at the Saturday night dinner when the school’s original Pandy mascot made a surprise appearance. The SRHS “Pandy” no longer looks like this so it was fun to see our school mascot as we remembered him, usually played by a “her.”








We toured the Santa Rosa High School campus as part of our 50th reunion weekend. It was so much fun to see the campus again and the buildings where we once had classes. SRHS is a beautiful school, originally built in 1924 and used as the backdrop of several Hollywood films, most notably, “Peggy Sue Got Married” in 1985. It is a top rated school and now has a waiting list for students to attend because of it is one of the few schools in the area with a specialized curriculum that includes the arts, agriculture (including viticulture) and an industrial program that features woodshop, autoshop, and metal shop. I don’t recall ever seeing the metal or wood shops while I was in high school, probably because those classes were not open to girls back then. While we were touring the metal shop, I noticed some electrical plugs suspended from the ceiling and focused my attention and my camera on them.



Friday morning, since we were in “the wine country” (it wasn’t known as “the wine country” when we lived here) we visited a Santa Rosa vineyard owned by my sister-in-law’s brother. My brother who was also visiting there, drove us around and through the pinot noir grape vines in the John Deere Gator. Most of the grapes had been harvested but the leaves were turning and the light behind them made the colors pop.

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