2014—Welcome To Oregon. . . Trailer Life In La Pine

I found an ironic welcome sign at the RV Center where my brother bought his new trailer; the fence and barbed wire scream “keep out!” while the words shout just the opposite. Have I brought bad karma to Oregon? Am I NOT welcome in Oregon? I am beginning to wonder because we had more violent storms on Wednesday and my face, head, and neck are covered with hives, the result, I think, from some mosquito bites I got on Monday. Hmmm. It makes me wonder.

La Pine Day 3-35

The stormy weather arrived again mid afternoon with torrents of rain, bolts of lightening, blasts of thunder, and buckets of hail. Mady retreated, shivering uncontrollably, to the sofa and to help mitigate our own terror, we retreated into the trailer with a bottle of zinfandel, kindly supplied by a fellow traveler in the park who is a friend of my brother’s from Redding and who bottles his own wine. Trailer life can be interesting.

Day 4-11

Day 4-1-2

Day 4-14-3

Before the storm, I photographed Arthur unsuccessfully portraying Mr. Universe and Mady watching him attempting to lift the trailer. And, I couldn’t resist capturing the quintessential trailer trash fixture, a string of tacky party lights on my brother’s trailer.

Day 4-63

Day 4-70

Day 4-79

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