2014—Watson Lake in The Granite Dells

The Andersons have been wonderful hosts and have been making sure I have lot of opportunities to take interesting photographs. They are ferrying me all over the Prescott area which is a combination of high desert and pine forest. On Friday we visited the Prescott National Forest with lots of pine trees and, at a few hundred feet higher than the town, has a microclimate much different from the one we visited on Saturday. Saturday’s visit to the Granite Dells was fascinating. The formations in the Dells are lumpy and ripply reddish rocks, formed by a process called spheroidal weathering. We are probably glowing after our visit there. The rocks have an unusually high uranium content and people who live in homes built on The Dells must monitor their homes for radon. Apparently Arizona’s zoning and building restrictions are a tad less stringent than those I’m used in to California; I guess Arizona is still the wild west.

These are views of Watson Lake, a man made reservoir in the midst of The Granite Dells.




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  1. The B&W shot is marvelous the repetition of shape & line really set that one off in the monotones. Foreground shoreline takes you right into the shot.. great stuff.

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