2014—A Walk At Lynx Lake

Lonnie, Melinda, and I went to Lynx Lake in Prescott National Forest for lunch and a walk on Friday. After downing a frozen mug of deliciously dark beer (I can’t remember what it was) we walked around the lake and found some interesting wildlife so I had a chance to use my 80-400mm lens on some of the critters I encountered.

The first critters before my lens were Lonnie and Melinda and I’m reflected four times in the lenses of their eyeglasses. Did I mention that Melinda and I were college roommates and now are photo-buddies and fellow photobloggers? This trip is mostly about catching up and photography.


The forest, just a couple of miles out of Prescott seems like it is in an entirely different climate; not high desert and scrub but lots of pines. Here is a view of Lynx Lake seen through the pines.


An acorn woodpecker posed for us for a while but never showed off his red crown.

A small yellow butterfly fluttered about us.


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  1. I like your first critters best ! Think how great your bird photography will be in Texas this winter.

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