2014—A Walk At Lynx Lake

Lonnie, Melinda, and I went to Lynx Lake in Prescott National Forest for lunch and a walk on Friday. After downing a frozen mug of deliciously dark beer (I can’t remember what it was) we walked around the lake and found some interesting wildlife so I had a chance to use my 80-400mm lens on some of the critters I encountered.

The first critters before my lens were Lonnie and Melinda and I’m reflected four times in the lenses of their eyeglasses. Did I mention that Melinda and I were college roommates and now are photo-buddies and fellow photobloggers? This trip is mostly about catching up and photography.


The forest, just a couple of miles out of Prescott seems like it is in an entirely different climate; not high desert and scrub but lots of pines. Here is a view of Lynx Lake seen through the pines.


An acorn woodpecker posed for us for a while but never showed off his red crown.

A small yellow butterfly fluttered about us.



A gulp of cormorants (yes, a gulp! of cormorants like a pod of whales or a murder of crows or a pride of lions) perched in a dead tree snag along side Lynx Lake in Prescott National Forest Friday afternoon. These are doubled crested cormorants but because mating season appears to be over, their double crests aren’t apparent.

According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Double-crested Cormorants from a distance, appear to be dark birds with snaky necks, but up-close they’re quite colorful—with orange-yellow skin on their face and throat, striking aquamarine eyes that sparkle like jewels, and a mouth that is bright blue on the inside. I never saw the inside of the mouth but was startled to see their blue eyes.