2014—Great Balls of Fire

I didn’t take any decent photos on Monday and I considered not posting to my blog at all today but when I remembered that I still needed to create a slideshow presentation for my camera club meeting Tuesday, I decided to create a “video of the day” instead of a “photo of the day.”

This is the first time I have used Lightroom to create a slideshow and because I didn’t have the time to create the kind of complex slideshow choreographed to photo-specific music that I usually make using iPhoto, and because we were limited to 4 minutes, not the hour or more that my past slideshows have run, and because I couldn’t find whether Lightroom has the “Ken Burns” effect that turns a static photo into a video-like image, I took the easy route. I went to my iTunes music library and browsed through my music; when Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Great Balls of Fire” scrolled by, I knew that the fireworks photos I took in Auburn on Fourth of July 2013 would make a great slideshow with Jerry Lee Lewis playing his smoking hot boogie style piano to accompany the fireworks.

I posted two versions of the same video, one for the web and one for those of you who view this blog on smart phones.