2014—Caltrain 150

A couple of months ago, I received a request from the Public Affairs office of CalTrain, the Peninsula rail commute service between San Francisco and San Jose, about one of my very early (Year 1, day 5) blog photos called “Tule Fog”. They wanted to use this photo in their video commemorating 150 years of service. Of course I said “yes” and a couple of days ago, they sent me a link to the newly released Caltrain 150 video. My photo appears a couple of minutes into the 12 minute video and they credited me and Infocusdaily.com at the end of the video. I have to admit that it is exciting and very flattering to have my work publicly displayed and my name up in lights, so to speak. Thank you Caltrain.

Since I couldn’t post to my blog without adding a photo, and since I’ve never taken any photos of Caltrain trains, I’m posting one of the photos I took at the Trains and Tripods event at the California Railroad Museum in early May, which seems appropriate given the subject matter.

Trains and Tripods-79

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