2014—Window Seat Update

In my post yesterday, I described Bobo’s recent attempt to demolish my house by turning the window seat into toothpicks, and I speculated that it is unlikely that she could turn a granite slab into sand so I’m going to replace the wood with granite. My speculation was very premature however.

Here she is just a short while ago, “plucking” (my term for her habit of scraping at something with her lower beak while holding a dried pepper in said beak) at the granite sample. The small dark spots to the left of the piece of granite are small pieces of the granite that she handily scraped off with her beak. One wonders what might be in store for my new granite window seat. I think it’s time to resurrect Bobo’s Blog, perhaps with the ulterior motive of endearing Bobo to some unsuspecting human who might want to have a reason to remodel!

Day 72-44

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