2014—Big Green Bug

My macro lens has somehow given me courage to walk right up to creepy crawlies and photograph them. This afternoon I got my camera and macro lens to photograph a spider (!) I’d discovered in the yard clinging to its web but when I returned to the web with my camera, the spider had disappeared. As I wandered around the yard searching for something else to photograph, I noticed a big green bug on a green leaf so I shoved the camera as close as I could and fired away. The breeze caused the leaf to sway and it was very difficult to manually focus and keep the camera still. I got my monopod and that helped with steadying me and the camera but not the leaf. I attached a small clamp to one part of the branch that pulled the leaf with the big green bug down a bit but it didn’t provide enough stability to keep the leaf perfectly still although the big green bug seemed frozen in place. The lens went in and out of focus as the leaf swayed and I managed only a few in focus shots. I think this is a stink bug; it’s about 3/4 of an inch long.

I took this at ISO 200, f/20, shutter speed 1/80

Day 87-78-2