I took these shots at a tourist spot near Moab, Utah called Hole in the Rock. It was a garden of sorts, featuring lots of rusty inanimate objects planted along the pathways among the cactus. We stopped there because of the opportunity to photograph in high contrast situations and, because it was there. I used my macro lens and leaned in to find interesting closeups but as I look at the shots, I realize that I didn’t really use the macro features of the lens to full advantage and I could have accomplished the same thing with my 24-70mm lens. I even used manual focus as I strolled through the place which is probably also apparent! I was drawn to the rusty things more than anything else there probably because they were almost the color of the red rocks surrounding them and we were in Moab for the red rocks.

Arches Day 2-58

Arches Day 2-298

Arches Day 2-309