The film noir preset in Silver Efex Pro created much more interest in my half moon shot than I could conjure in Lightroom tonight. I took this shot on my patio with the outdoor lights on (they turn on to movement) using my 70-200mm lens with the 2x converter attached. I did crop this shot a bit but I find it exciting that I can see so much detail with the camera equipment I use. I don’t know if the Chinese rover is still moving around the surface of the moon, but it seems almost as if I can see their tracks. The US needs to return to the moon if for no other reason than to make our presence known. I still feel such elation that my family’s company, Sunset Line and Twine Co., had such a significant role in our country’s early space missions. Whenever you see a photo (click here) of a Mercury or Apollo mission parachuting toward the sea, that is Sunset parachute cord that brought all of the astronauts back safely to Earth.

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