2014—In The Bubble

Something is amiss with my fountain and the bubble of water that emerges from the center is very flat—not what my hummers are used to bathing in so this little guy that stopped by this morning seemed a bit puzzled over the change. I guess I need to figure out what’s going on so my hummers will stay happy and stay here. I was outside photographing something else using my tripod when I heard the hummer announcing his presence. I turned the camera and snapped a few photos but I didn’t adjust the camera from what I was doing so the shutter speed is 1/40. At least the tripod kept the camera still enough to capture reasonably in focus hummers but obviously not fast enough to stop those wings in the second shot. I was using the 70-200mm lens set to 200mm at f/4.

Day 68-86

Day 68-88