2014—Is That Me?

I may have mentioned that Bobo is eating my house. After twelve years without so much as a nibble on anything harder than a piece of paper (except for the occasional pine nut shell) she has decided to turn the window seat next to her cage into toothpicks. I added the bay window and its adjoining window seat when I remodeled my house 5 years ago and until a couple of years ago, Bobo had not ventured onto it. She has now made the window seat one of her favorite places to hang out and a couple of months ago, she started to shred it. I have determined that it is likely that granite is too hard for her to destroy (that remains to be seen, however) and I will replace the wooden seat with a granite one with the hope that the likelihood of Bobo grinding it into sand is remote. Yesterday, my friend Jeff, who will be fabricating the new window seat out of granite for me, gave me some sample pieces of black granite to see which I preferred (gloss or matte finish) and I set them on the window seat to get a feel for which I preferred. I should have known that I really didn’t have a say in the matter. Bobo came down onto the window seat immediately to investigate and was drawn like a magnet to the glossy piece. She is completely obsessed with her reflection in the shiny black granite. It’s a good thing I already selected the glossy finish.

I took this shot with my D800 with the macro lens. As I have discovered, the depth of field of this lens is so incredibly shallow that I am having trouble focusing on anything other than tiny things. It is not a technically good shot and very little is in focus. I obviously have much to learn about this lens and how to use it properly. I decided to use this shot for my blog because it is cute and one of my Flickr challenges is “reflections.”

Day 71-8-2

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