2013—Day 289—Wings

I drove to Williams to meet Sue and pick up Mady for her week long visit. I expected today’s blog would feature Mady and I did get a couple of shots of her nose (I love dog noses) but as I sat on the patio trying to capture Mady’s nose, I heard the hummers and decided to switch cameras and lenses.

My D7100 and my 70-200mm lens set at shutter priority (1/250 shutter speed…if it had been brighter outside, I would have set a higher shutter speed) and ISO 200 did a pretty decent job of capturing this Anna’s Hummingbird and its various wing patterns. I took several in quick succession and quite a few were in pretty clear focus. I am always fascinated by hummingbird wings, which rotate in a figure 8 pattern so I thought I’d share how the wings look, some clearly visible, others very ghostlike.

Day 289-10

Day 289-21

Day 289-23

Day 289-32

Day 289-36

Day 289-40

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