2013—The Grand Tetons—Day 2—800

Grand Teton National Park is closed as is every other National Park in this country until further notice. This sign greeted us today. That is the Teton’s Mount Moran in the distance and a warped view of our van reflected in the electronic sign.


Despite the closure, there was much to photograph today, including Moose Peterson with his 800mm lens. Later, Moose allowed me to affix my D800 to his 800mm lens (already attached to a sturdy tripod) and take some shots. This grove of aspen provided interesting patterns which just didn’t present themselves with my much smaller lens. Here are shots of the aspen grove using my 70-200mm lens set to crop mode so it is effectively a 300mm lens, and Moose’s humongous 800mm lens.




Finally, a late day exposure as the clouds billowed angrily around the Tetons. I tweaked this shot just slightly in Perfect Effects, B&W.