2013—Grand Tetons Day 5—Snow, Fall Color, and Critters

Another fabulous adventure with Moose and Kevin is over but what an adventure! Sunday morning began with snow and fog shrouded mountains. We didn’t see the mountains for a sunrise shot at the Snake River overlook. The morning was gray and snowy. We had to stop shooting when the snow came down so heavily we were worried about our equipment so we broke down our tripods and scrambled into the van. Moose had instructed us to bring towels to blot off our wet equipment.

Later, after the snow storm subsided, the day proceeded into a study of fall colors. As we headed home, we at last sighted a couple of moose that we were able to stop and photograph. They were very far away so got to try out my 2X teleconverter. This is the only decent shot I got and it is cropped and I applied the “camera shake” filter in Photoshop to sharpen it a bit. We encountered the bison shortly after seeing the moose. This herd stopped traffic in both directions as they ambled back and forth across the highway.

Grand Tetons Day 5-43

Grand Tetons Day 5-196

Grand Tetons Day 5-513

Grand Tetons Day 5-300

Grand Tetons Day 5-880-Edit

Grand Tetons Day 5-99-3

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