2013—Day 290—Mady’s Here

Mady came yesterday to spend a week with me. Bobo is jealous and I’m not sure what she’ll take out her aggression on next. When Mady and I went upstairs for less than 30 minutes, Bobo climbed onto the table and shredded the cable that connects the portable hard drive to the laptop. I have no idea what is in those cables but very fine silvery wires were everywhere on the table along with shards of the plastic covering and whatever else is in them. I guess not much current flows through them or they are low voltage because she didn’t seem to have been affected by it. At least she didn’t try chewing the power cable to my Mac but it is apparent that I cannot leave the laptop on the table any more. I don’t know how she would fare against the Mac itself but I have the feeling Bobo would win, not the Mac. Her beaks has incredible crushing power. I think it will be an interesting week.

I went outside with Mady to take a few shots of her as she roamed around the yard. I used shutter priority again because I wanted to see if I could get clearer shots of her with a higher shutter speed, using the D7100 and the 70-200mm lens which was still attached to the camera from yesterday. I found a couple of shots that I liked. I upped the ISO a bit to 320 but still had to increase the exposure by 2/3 of a stop in Lightroom because the backyard was in deep shade late this afternoon. The golden part of the golden hour doesn’t reach my backyard much. I really like both of these shots but I am still working on getting a nose shot. I guess I’ll need to change lenses.



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