2013—Day 82—Slide Guitar

Memphis soul music by Foxtrot Mary filled Famous Mo’s on the second night of our “soft opening” and I was blown away…Foxtrot Mary was fabulous as usual and the energy in the place was palpable, but what blew me away was not a Foxtrot Mary regular but rather Jim Papastathis III who sat in for part of the set. As he played a slide guitar solo I realized that he was sliding a bottle of Deschutes Obsidian Stout. Obsidian Stout is on our beer menu because I insisted it be. I am not usually a beer drinker, preferring an Old Vine Zin to most beers but my brother introduced me to the dark richness of this stout and I discovered my now favorite beer. I wonder if I can sell this photo to Deschutes for an advertising campaign? Oh, and don’t try this at home…unless you’re playing an air guitar!

Day 82-314

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