2013—Day 64—The Grand Canyon In Onyx

I’ve been home for a week now and I’m still thinking about the Grand Canyon and what an unforgettably wonderful experience I had there. I think about the grandeur of that canyon and feel a bit deprived that I’m not still be there absorbing its wonders and beauty. One day last week, shortly after my return from the Grand Canyon, I was at a tile store ordering some mundane ceramic cove tile that California’s building code requires be installed in commercial kitchens. As I wandered through the showroom, I espied a sample tile of yellow onyx. I mentioned to the salesperson how lovely that single 12 inch tile was and that it would be even more beautiful framed. She gave me one of the tiles because I couldn’t purchase just one to frame. When I got it home, I realized that its appeal was that it reminded me of the Grand Canyon itself. This evening, I placed the tile over a flash light so that it was illuminated from beneath. . .an instant view of the Grand Canyon at sunrise (light from the east) in my living room.

Day 64-28

Focal Length 58mm
ISO 100
WB Fair Weather

One thought on “2013—Day 64—The Grand Canyon In Onyx

  1. I missed this one! Really gorgeous! I love the dreaminess of the onyx. I see what you mean about the Grand Canyon.

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