2013—Day 48, Part 2—Avian Meerkats?

I just had to post this shot I took a few minutes ago. Those adorable little bushtits that flit from tree to tree peeping constantly came through my yard late this afternoon and decided to bathe. I grabbed my camera and ran out, sitting a few feet from the fountain. Of course they all left when I appeared but one by one they came back down; when I clicked the shutter release, they again disappeared into the azalea behind the fountain but then, one by one, they reappeared, finally acclimating to the sound of my shutter release. They bathed for about five minutes, then someone revving an obscenely loud engine, pulled up to the signal on the other side of my wall and the bushtits were gone—but not before I got a couple of good shots. I had to increase the ISO to 500 because it was getting dark out and decrease the shutter speed but I think my new lens and Nikon’s newest VR lives up to its hype because I handheld this shot at 1/30 of a second.

This shot reminded me of the meerkats in “Meerkat Manor” they way they’re all standing rigid and on the alert. How cute are they?

Day 48-29-2

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