Day 363—Sound Check

We had a rockin’ sound check at Famous Mo’s tonight. Foxtrot Mary, our designated house band, hosted a private party for some of their friends giving us the opportunity to set up our showroom and stage and to test our sound system and lighting. We are not open for business yet and don’t expect to be open for at least another month. We continue to wait for building permits from the City of Rocklin so we still have gaping holes in our floor and no kitchen but we cordoned off the danger zones, set up all our tables and chairs, brought in food from Costco, and had a party.

We were excited to have Dana Moret, a phenomenal singer, and her guitarist husband, Jim Papastathis III, join Foxtrot Mary as they jammed in the second set. Dana brought the house down when she sang “House of the Rising Sun” accompanied by Foxtrot Mary’s Tim Brisson and with Nikki Brisson singing backup.

And, I must add, in a not insignificant side note, Dana Moret is the powerhouse behind Famous Mo’s new website which, like Famous Mo’s itself, is still under construction but, thanks to Dana, will actually see the light of day before Famous Mo’s opens.

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3 thoughts on “Day 363—Sound Check

  1. Sorry to have missed it. Haven’t heard Foxtrot Mary or Dana iin a while… they are great.. Will make it out there soon!

  2. Wow- what fun! And great photos- that first one is especially beautiful! Sorry to hear you won’t be open for another month- we are excited to see Mo’s in full swing!

  3. What a blast! Such a treat to finally hear Dana do her thing. Her rendition of Chain of Fools rocked my socks off. And the band (as usual) was smoking hot.

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