Day 339—Am I Blue?

Sacramento has a bunch of blue trees. They’re on 13th Street by the Sacramento Convention Center where I attended an Adobe Lightroom Workshop today. I’d forgotten about the blue trees that were painted that color in October in an effort to draw attention to global deforestation so I was delighted to have an opportunity to photograph them. According to everything I’ve read, they were painted with a weak mixture of environmentally safe paint and water, expected to wash off within six months, but Sacramento had more than four inches of rain this past weekend and the colors remain vivid and it’s been almost three months. I wonder how long the blue will last? Still, they’re at once fascinating and shocking to see. I just had time to take a few shots. These are my favorites. And, to answer the question in the title of my blog, yes, I think I am a little blue about these trees. I’m pretty sure they were quite lovely in their natural state and I worry why they’re still so vivid with all the rain we’ve had if it’s supposed to wash off. Here is a link to another “blue” tree that I posted earlier this year. It’s blue comes only from the light.

Day 339 Blue trees