Day 350—And Whether Pigs Have Wings

What I learned about photography today is that one needs to service one’s equipment upon occasion. Or at least look at it to make sure it functions properly. Besides the camera, which requires lots of TLC, the tripod can become useless and actually dangerous to the camera, if the legs or the camera mount loosen. Both things happened to me today. Fortunately, I didn’t let go of the camera before realizing that one leg wasn’t holding and I wondered why the camera clicked onto the mount without any resistance whatsoever. So I got out the allen wrench that came with the tripod and tightened everything. Except that the camera mount requires a Phillips head. When everything was tight, I photographed my newest Christmas ornament. It caught my eye when I was up in Auburn last week and since I love Lewis Carroll’s poem “The Walrus and the Carpenter” I got it. This seems to answer the question of whether pigs have wings. Now, is the sea boiling hot? and what about those cabbages? And perhaps more importantly, what about those poor oysters?

Day 350-27-3