Day 361—Flies

My brother is a nut fisherman and when he is not casting fly lines into Shasta Lake after the elusive Rainbow Trout, he ties flies. Today’s Flickr theme is “scattered” and this morning I noticed the pile of flies Arthur had on his desk were rather scattered and chaotic, perfect for the challenge. I moved them to a clear space atop a cabinet and re-scattered the flies. The second shot is a fly in the making. I took the third shot for nostalgic reasons. These are vintage spools of silk fishing line from the 1930’s when my father went to work for Sunset Line and Twine Company. Sunset was started during the Depression, and was the first fishing line manufacturing company west of the Mississippi. I had never seen the original Sunset logo nor had I known that at that time, Sunset also sold fishing reels, like the one in the background of the shot which has “Sunset Line and Twine Company” engraved on it.

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One thought on “Day 361—Flies

  1. These are great shots! I’ve always found fly tying fascinating- in an alternate life I might be a fisherperson (in this life, fish gross me out- but I digress). What a great hobby! And I love how it dovetails with the family business. That last shot is my favorite- the vintage label, the composition- perfect. I could see a grouping of small photos on a wall in honor of Sunset- really love this shot!

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