Day 353—Xing

Down the street from Famous Mo’s is a branch of the Placer County Library which is located on land once owned by the Union Quarry Company. A lake in front of the library fills the abandoned quarry itself. Canada geese are local residents and have apparently qualified for their own crossing signs, one on Granite Drive and one on Rocklin Road. I have been fascinated by these signs for months and, as we deal with the city of Rocklin over building permits and requirements, I am amazed that the geese managed to acquire the proper easements without apparent difficulty! These geese apparently take advantage of this sign when they are not swimming in the quarry pond.

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2 thoughts on “Day 353—Xing

  1. Ahh my friends, the ubiquitous Canada geese! The sign is perfect! Benicia used to be known for its DUCK CROSSING sign- don’t know if it’s still there. Perfect response to the challenge!

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