Day 351—Pretty Paper

Willie Nelson’s Christmas song, “Pretty Paper” came to mind when I found this parrot toy for Bobo at The Bird Shop today. Lots of little presents wrapped in pretty paper. Actually, this is only a replacement toy as Bobo has obliterated an almost identical one that is currently hanging in her cage. This shot reeks of desperation, photographically (or 365 Blog-ally) speaking. I guess by now it’s understandable that desperation might occur occasionally. I have posted 715 daily shots since I started this blog almost two years ago and for most of them, I have given considerable thought to the shot. I guess I shouldn’t feel too much guilt about being desperate to find something, anything, to photograph.

I spent today catching up on things that I needed to catch up on—laundry and bills and grocery shopping and replenishing Bobo’s food supply and finding a shot to submit to my monthly camera club evaluation—so I almost forgot to take a new photograph today. My friend Melinda will be happy to know that I also spent time today creating “Collections” in Lightroom and I feel such relief knowing that by using Collections, I will be able to quickly retrieve my photos. I learned about Collections in the Lightroom Workshop we attended at the Sacramento Convention Center earlier this month. I still haven’t applied all that we learned that day but I’m starting to understand it a little better.

I considered taking a new “food” shot today because the camera club theme is “food” but I have lots of already processed food shots to choose from so I didn’t want to start over and besides, despite my need to go grocery shopping, I only made it as far as Costco for wine and toilet paper so my cupboards are still bare. And while I consider wine a fruit (from my Weight Watcher days) I’m not sure my camera club considers it “food.” So, when I looked around desperately for something to photograph indoors or out, my eye lit upon Bobo’s new toy, laying on the window seat. I set up the tripod, clipped the camera to it and fired away. Nothing too exciting but the papers are colorful. . . and sort of pretty if you squint a little. 🙂

Day 351-20

Focal Length 70mm
ISO 160
WB: Fair Weather

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