Day 346—Eye Bolt Bokeh

Today, I accomplished two things. First, I picked up some eye bolts that I ordered yesterday to hang the speakers at Famous Mo’s. This was an adventure in and of itself. Thank god for Google maps. The staff at the veterinary clinic that I finally entered to seek directions (and yes, I have a Tom Tom app on my iPhone but didn’t think I needed it) were so accommodating and said people stopped there all the time to ask directions to this hardware supply place just off Antelope Road, not too far from my home. And, the second thing I accomplished, late this afternoon, was to take a photograph of the eyebolts installed in the speaker and waiting to be hung. I took this shot because I hadn’t yet posted anything to the Famous Mo’s Facebook Page today and I was desperate to find something to post. As it turned out, I loved the bokeh reflected from the chain laying on top of the speaker behind the eye bolt and I thought it might be blog-worthy. Of course, that reeks of desperation as well, because I hadn’t taken any blog photographs today.

Day 346-82

Focal Length 70mm
ISO 320

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