Day 340—Lots Of Steps

Today’s Flickr challenge is “Steps” and it occurred to me that cookbooks have lots of steps. I stacked a few of my favorite cookbooks (that does not necessarily mean I cook from them often) to resemble a spiral staircase to echo the “steps” theme and I tried to remember some of the hints I learned yesterday in my Lightroom class. The one that first came to mind was black and white so I changed the shot to black and white, added a vignette, and made a few other minor tweaks.

Day 340-11

Focal Length 58mm
ISO 100
1.6 seconds

One thought on “Day 340—Lots Of Steps

  1. Beautiful black and white! Look at all you’ve learned! I really like the composition of this image- almost a spiral. I don’t think I have any of those cookbooks- even Julia. . .

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